GUEST: Vishaal Bhuyan, CEO at Carverr

“Cold storage”, or storing digital assets for the long-term, is a nontrivial problem. Material durability, technological obsolescence, loss, theft, and hacking vulnerabilities are just some of the factors consumers must consider before choosing a system. Current cold storage solutions are built on outdated technology and are only created to protect your private keys today. Carverr’s SeKhor™ service was built to store and protect your private key for generations to come.

SeKhor™ utilizes encryption combined with DNA encoding to deliver the most secure cold storage wallet ever created. Unlike Flash, optical, or magnetic tape storage mediums, DNA will never become obsolete. DNA is not vulnerable to hacks or computer viruses and can be stored for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Vishaal’s background
  • Financial Biotechnology
  • Current methods for cold storage
  • Using encryption with DNA encoding to deliver secure cold storage
  • DNA encoding
  • Worst-case scenario vulnerabilities

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