05-08-2018: CryptoKitties Introduces Celebrity Kitties, Digital Cats

Yesterday’s news regarding the SEC’s closed door meeting on discussing the categorization of Ethereum turned out to be fake news in which the initial article was reported by Wall Street Journal. Luckily the FUD has not shaken the price of Ethereum (twitter).

A Swiss man who lost his two hardware wallets has tripled the reward he is offering in a desperate attempt to have the devices returned. The man had taken his hardware wallets out of a safety deposit box, so he could make some transfers and misplaced the bag which he stored the wallets in. Normally this would not be an issue but he claims that he does not have access to the recovery seeds for the devices. There is currently 800,000 USD worth of crypto on the devices and the man has put up a reward of 135,000 USD to anyone who can return the devices to him (bitcoinist).

CryptoKitties is expanding their kitties collection to include celebrity branded digital cats. The first celebrity cat is Stephen Curry, a Golden State Warriors basketball player. Caty Tedman, the head of partnerships at CryptoKitties stated “We are launching a series of Stephen Curry CryptoKitties, so there will be three exclusive Stephen Curry CryptoKitties [which] will be representative of his personalities” The co-founder of CryptoKitties also stated “Introducing CryptoKitties, and by extending blockchain technology to other audiences and showcasing crypto outside of currency, that’s our primary motivation” (Coindesk).

Cardano (ADA) has partnered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and technology to explore the use of blockchain within the agriculture industry in the country. The agreement is to find ways to apply blockchain technology to the agritech industry and Cardano will train 100 local developers in Haskell (the language of choice for the Cardano platform) as well as blockchain technologies in general (GlobalCoin report).

Verge has announced a partnership with TrafficJunky. TrafficJunky is an advertising network that helps its users to promote their business. This company is one of the leading foundations in this area, so they are proud to have over a billion impressions per day. TrafficJunky has announced that all users would be able to get their TrafficJunky accounts funded by using XVG for making payments. This comes just after the recent Verge partnership with MindGeek, which brought Verge more exposure as the currency is being used on PornHub as one of the payment methods for millions of users (GlobalCoin report).

Hackers have injected hundreds of websites running the Drupal content management system with malicious software used to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. This latest incident was uncovered by Troy Mursch, the security researcher behind the website Bad Packets Report. He wrote Saturday that more than 300 sites had been compromised by hackers who installed the browser mining software Coinhive, which mines the cryptocurrency monero, by exploiting a vulnerability in an outdated version of the Drupal content management system (CMS) (Coindesk)

And lastly, Blockchain startup Circle is adding Monero to its Invest application (Coindesk).

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