04-25-2018: DNS Hijacking Playing Mischef With MEW

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DNS has been hijacked that has lead myetherwallet users to a malicious website for a few hours today. No reports of compromised accounts but bad actors on the malicious site can easily collect any information entered into the website, such as unlocking wallets via Keystore files or private keys. They could have also modified addresses on transactions. Another warning to users to secure your funds well, and with hardware wallets as the private keys never leave these devices (Reddit).

As EOS is scheduling to migrate to their own blockchain, from Ethereum. over 50 candidates have put their hats in the ring to be one of the 21 supernodes also known as block producers. The new Eos blockchain, which will switch over on June 2nd, will use the delegated proof of stake consensus meaning holders of Eos will be able to vote for which block producers remain in power (Bitcoin magazine).

Journalist Martin Lewis is putting forth a lawsuit to sue Facebook over deformation. It is alleged that several crypto scams that advertised via Facebook used his images to promoted the scams. It’s reported that there has been over 50 different scams using his images and Facebook has not been able to keep up with removing them or even denying the ads in the first place (Crypto Currency News).

Rapper Snoop dog will be performing beside ripple during blockchain week in New York next month. Ripple is giving away 10 tickets to the event on their Twitter (Coindesk). Walmart’s and IBMs food tracking platform, on the blockchain, goes live. Back in 2016 Walmart announced a partnership with IBM for a blockchain project to improve safety by gathering detailed information on food suppliers. It’s reported to reduce tracking time on produce down to 2 seconds, from the previous six days (CoinGeek).

Coinbase drops support for Wikileaks online store as they continue to drop support for stores that apparently breach their terms of service. A message sent to Wikileaks reads “Upon careful review we believe your account has engaged in prohibited use in violation of our Terms of Service and we regret to inform you that we can no longer provide you with access to our service (Bitcoin Magazine).

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