04-11-2018: SuprNova Drops XVG Mining Pools

OCminer, maintainer of the suprnova mining pool, has officially dropped support for verge mining pools from the service. This comes after the 51% attack and code exploit against the verge blockchain last week. The attack netted the attackers 20 million verge tokens (approximately $1 million USD). Verge developers do not plan to roll back the mined blocks, block the attackers addresses, or patch the exploit sufficiently.

Ocminer stated “The background is that the “fix” promoted by the developers simply won’t fix the problem. It will just make the timeframe smaller in which the blocks can be mined or spoofed and the attack will still work, it will just be a bit slower.”  The over 20 Million Verge tokens that were instamined by the attacker won’t be blacklisted, reverted, filtered or rolled-back in anyway according to the verge-dev. Surprisingly, even after the release of the news the of attack, the price of verge stays stable at ~0.05 USD. [bitcointalk.org]

Creators of centra tech, which raised $32 million (USD) during its ICO, have been arrested and charged with several fraud charges handed down by the SEC. The company claimed to be in partnership with visa and MasterCard. This comes as the SEC is clamping down on fraud in the crypto space, shutting down another couple of ICOs earlier this year – plexcoin and arise bank. [arstechnica]

A class action lawsuit suit has been filed against the developers of nano (formerly raiblocks) in the hope to have the 17 million nano, that was stolen from the bitgrail hack earlier this year, compensated back to the “investors” via a fork of nano. The plaintiff claims that nano have been selling unregistered securities and misrepresented the reliability of the hacked exchange, bitgrail. [Cointelegraph]

And lastly, the co-founder of the US cloud computing company, salesforce, has hinted that they are developing a blockchain cryptocurrency solution to add to their offering, which could be seen integrated as early as the end of the year. Salesforce has over 25,000 employees and netted revenue over $8 billion (USD) this year.

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