11-03-2017: CryptoShuffler Malware Steals Bitcoin

CryptoShuffler malware replaces wallet addresses copied to users’ clipboards with public keys belonging to a hacker [1]. Popular cryptocurrency hacks and scams include:

  • Deceitful URLs
  • Misleading or Fraudulent Token Sales
  • Hijacking Web Browsers or Processing Power for Mining Tokens

According to segwit.party, OB1, Civic and Bitso have pulled out of the New York Agreement for the SegWit2X hard fork [2]. A bill has been submitted to the Ukrainian parliament to amend the country’s tax code to exempt cryptocurrency income and profits from taxation [3]. On an interview with Bloomberg TV, Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO Lloyd Blankfein says that he is open to the cryptocurrencies [4]. China’s top bitcoin exchanges are now shifting to the over-the-counter (OTC) markets due to strict Chinese regulations [5]. OKEx and Huobi Pro plan to introduce peer-to-peer trading platforms that support fiat currency transactions as an alternative for the country’s domestic cryptocurrency investors [5].

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