10-17-2017: JP Morgan uses Zcash Tech on Quorum Blockchain

The volume of LocalBitcoins in Venezuela has increased from around $9 billion to $40 billion Venezuelan bolivars [1]. A hacking method has been revealed that is designed to steal Ethereum from senders via malware [2]. JP Morgan uses Zcash integration zero-knowledge security layer (ZSL) on its Quorum blockchain [3]. Bloomberg reports Wall Street support is the reason bitcoin price has increased [4]. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued guidance for virtual currencies via LabCFTC in the form of a document titled, “A CFTC Primer on Virtual Currencies[5]. Brazil’s central bank president Ilan Goldfajn compared bitcoin to a pyramid scheme [6]. Appia, a decentralized app store on the Ethereum blockchain launched it’s token sale today.

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  1. There should be no apostrophe in the word “its” in both uses in today’s post. Watch your use of auto-spell…it’s brutal on the poor apostrophe! (Correct use in this case)

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